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We have the pleasure of showing our new expo kitchen in our shop in Altea. We decided to choose a modern style that we are very proud of. The kitchen is divided in three parts;
- First parts contains the copper tap and sink from Daqua, hub and extractor In one unit from Elica and 45cm dishwasher from Bosch. Also you can appreciate the close ups here and the rusty antique metal style of the worktop. The beautiful detail of the little mosaic going from the Wall Units to the worktop was a suggestion made by our designers.
- Second part is the island, where we made an integrated transparent glass to see what is inside the drawer. The Island is consists of a unit with three large (120cm) drawers with a fantastic breakfast bar connected to the floor by a glass support.
- Third part is a big wall with all the cupboards and the appliances necessary for every practical kitchen. The fridge is from Liebherr integrated with the same door as the rest of the cupboards, oven and microwave are from DeDietrich, very modern and full of possibilities, also included is a plate warmer in order to maintain the symmetry. All the cupboards are framed, with the same bold mosaic on a contrasting background in order to highlight the Alpine white furniture.
Hope you liked this design made by us here at, Casa Interior. You can visit us for talk or simply call for an appointment, to have your free design made, of your dream kitchen.

General View Expo Kitchen Casa Interior General View Expo Kitchen Casa Interior Altea Island Expo Kitchen Casa Interior

Worktop and Hub Expo Kitchen Casa Interior Altea Cooper sink & tab Expo Kitchen Casa Interior Altea 

Cooper Sink Expo Kitchen Casa Interior Altea Mosaic Expo Kitchen Casa Interior Altea

This is a land full of contrasts, long beaches with amazing blue water and high purple mountains. In the middle of them there are awesome towns, the powerful touristarea of Benidorm, the colorful houses in Villajoyosa, the picturesque town of Guadalest, the quiet of El Albir, the white houses in Altea, and all other towns, Alfaz del Pi, La Nucía, Calpe, Callosa d'en Sarrià, Relleu, Polop de la Marina, Orcheta, Tárbena, Sella, Benimantell, Bolulla, Confrides, Beniardá and Benifato.

The people who lives here give to these towns personality and character. You can sense very different feeling in very little distance. The inspiration we get in this country is astonishing, the kindness and the culture of the people makes feel us at home, but our roots are very defined, so we are integrated here without losing our values.

The friends and the people we know here are very different but all are alike in the hospitality they show. We expect to develop our worklife, in regards to the kitchenbusiness here on the Costa Blanca coast, because we want to stay here many many years.

Come to our shop and visit us.



Smeg is an Italian brand with more than 50 years of experience. We really like the style and design of their products. Here you can see some different examples. Please don't hesitate to contact us, if you have any questions. Have a nice weekend!




Today we want to show you some of the different kinds of taps that are now on the market. We are sure that you will find that interesting.

There are classical or modern taps, but all will give you ideas for your kitchen.

These original taps are flexible and can reach to any place in the sink or outside of it.


These taps and sinks are more classical style, but have a lot of quality. We really love it.

These taps and sinks, from Chambord, they are fantastic and can fit in any kitchen you can image.


These decorated taps are very original and maybe in the future we will see it in some bathrooms


We hope you liked this post, don't forget to visit us in www.casa-interior.com or come to our shop in partida El planet 156 in Altea. We will show all the possibilities your kitchen has.


More from our recent visit to expo in Valencia.

There are a lot of recent news and changes in kitchen extractors, and today we want to show you some of them.

Several countries have experienced new laws in regard to obligations to re-use exhaust air from the kitchen this year. For the purpose of this, the kitchen extractor manufacturer Falmec have fantastic extractors. They are cleaning all the air through a filter so that you will not loose the air that is already heated to room temperature. This is a great benefit for saving energy in winter, because you will not have to heat up new air. In summer your air conditioning will not have to cool down new air entering from outside, instead using same airconditioned air once again.

Our kitchen designers at Casa Interior like to keep an eye on good quality and quality design for the kitchens they create.

Check out this Falmec design extractor with filter included and no extraction tubes needed.


Here you have other examples of the extractors from Falmec. We hope you like it as much us as we do.


There are many different models of extractors, and we are sure one of the them will suite your needs. Below we show you some of the extractors that have surprised us.

Ilve is the Italian manufacturer that made these products.

Which one is your favorite?