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New Kitchen in our Showroom in Altea

We are very excited to show you one of our latest designs in our showroom in Altea. Let's begin with the  big worktop, where the whole family can work together at the same time. Kids can do homework while partens are cooking or you can use the space as a great extension of the diningroom table. Or simply as a hang-out place, for drinks and snacks. Next to the sink, the worktop has integrated draines to make sure that all water goes straight into the sink.


One of the things we also really like about the new kitchen is the Elica extractor. No need to say that all air is passing through a filter to be cleaned, but also this extractor has the feature of maintaining the temperature so you will not waste energy, having to re-cool or re-heat the air in the rest of your house. The design is amazing and gives you a cool touch to your new kitchen.

This kitchen has a lot of cabinets for storing, so it will be an easy kitchen to keep tidy, at all times. The fridge is integrated next to the ovn. We have chosen a contrast color for that part of the kitchen, to create a modern timeless look. The indirect light from underneath the shelves, gives the comfortable feeling and perfect work light, that every kitchen needs. This kitchen will fit perfectly connected to a livingroom.


You can come a visit us and our new showroom in Altea. See you soon