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Time to feel nature

This year it is considered fashionable to choose high quality materials for your kitchen. These materials last longer and prolongs the time your kitchen looks good without having to change the furniture and worktops. The trend is to make the designs more personal, higher quality and with the end users in mind.

Latest trends indicates that wood with visible veins and structure is 'very hot'. The borders between outside and inside is not as clear as it used to be. Nature should now be in your home! Accessories, decoration, pots and plants in the kitchen tend to have colors from and be inspired by nature.



See more images and get inspired by natural materials here


Exhibition and Strawberries

Last week the Casa Interior staff visited the very inspiring CEVISAMA exhibition in Valencia. With the new information gathered at the expo as foundation we will be able to show you fantastic pictures and give you all the latest news about kitchen fashion here on our blog, in the following weeks.

In the future we will post interesting recipes and other good excuses to be active in the kitchen here on our blog so come back often, or simply like us on Facebook or Google+ to receive direct updates to your wall.

Now... Let's enjoy that Spain is in strawberry season again, and to celebrate this we give you here our best Strawberry recipe.

Strawberry cake

The recipe consists of several steps, we start with the crust...

  • Shortcrust ingredients
    240 Gr. Soft butter.
    160 Gr. Icing-sugar.
    60 Gr. Almond flour.
    2 Eggs.
    1 Table spoon of Vanilla sugar.
    470 Gr. Flour.
    1 Teaspoon Salt.
  • Shortcrust instructions
    Mix butter, icing-sugar, almond flour, eggs, vanilla-sugar and 120 gr. of the flour in a bowl.  Mix, no whipping.
    Add the rest of the flour and the salt. Mix quickly, and part the dough in 2 parts. One for the freezer for the next time you want to bake with shortcrust. And the other you set to rest in the refrigerator for 30 min.
    After 30 min take out the dough and roll it into thin layers, approx. 2,5 mm, between to bakingpaper sheets.
    Put it directly in to a pie pan, and set a side.


  • Mazarin ingredients
    200 Gr. Marzipan.
    100 Gr. Sugar.
    50 Gr. Butter (soft).
    2 Eggs.
  • Mazarin instructions
    Chop marzipan in small pieces, mix with sugar, butter and eggs.  Easiest way to mix is with your hands.
    Now add the Mazarin into the pie pan, and bake in preheated oven, for 20-25 minutes or only light brown on top, at 200 degrees.


  • Vanillacream ingredients
    4 Egg yolks.
    50 Gr. Sugar.
    25 Gr. Maizena.
    5 Dl. Whole milk.
  • Vanillacream instructions
    Whip egg yolks, sugar and vanilla. After, whip in maizena and 1 Dl. of the milk.
    Boil the rest of the milk. Now add the egg yolks and whip again until it gets thin.
    When finished remove from the heat and put in another bowl. Finally set aside for a few hours before use. 

Last step...

200 gr. dark chocolate, melted.
500 gr. fresh strawberries.

Melt chocolate over water bath.
After, brush the Mazarin with the melted chocolate.
After this, add the vanilla-cream, and half strawberries.


Strawberry Cake

Honed Sand

This kitchen has been designed, with the focus on the original house construction, style and expression.

After thorough consultation, together with our client we have chosen the model: 'Chalet Honed Sand' (from our German kitchen supplier Kuchentime / Nobilia) for their new kitchen. The beautiful worktop is 'Granit Maron Baltico'. The walls are rendered to a smooth surface and painted white, while the windows and doors are kept in dark wood.

Please enjoy the final result on these before and after pictures.





Kitchen detail

Now there's a lot more free space for the kitchen accessories!

Curious to see some more Before & After pictures? Click here... 


New year, new webpage.

With this first blogpost on our new webpage we, at Casa Interior, wish you a happy new year.

Let´s all try to stay focused, to be rewarding, present and generous, in both spirit and mind.

Perhaps we need to pamper ourselfs a little, so why not start with looking at something beautiful from Casa Interior.


Before Kitchen Renovation


Arredo3 Kali

Kitchen from Italian Arredo3.

Model: Kali, white intergrated LED in handel and kickborards.

See more modern kitchens from Arredo3 here

About Casa-Interior...

Casa Interior is not known as just another kitchen supplier, because we can do so much more than just kitchens...

We deliberately want to make a difference in the kitchen industry centered on you and your family - That is our aim and priority. We spend extra time listening carefully to your wishes, needs and vision. Thorough and comprehensive consultation goes without saying, just like design ideas and drawings are fundamental parts of the way we do things. We give you peace of mind and are an active team player in your project, in other words we follow you and your family all the way to the finish line. We don't just deliver the physical elements. We think everything through in details and for us, it is always a positive challenge to create the ultimate design concept within the family’s budget. To realize dreams, which lives on for years to come, is for us always a satisfying process. Your satisfaction is paramount and we strive to meet your expectations right from our first meeting to the final delivery.

Our background

We are a Spanish registered Danish owned kitchen supply company, which back in 2007 Was started by an ambitious carpenter with a taste for adventure named Carsten Klinksgaard. He is still running the business, as the owner and CEO of the company. 

Carsten Klinksgaard was just eighteen years old when he started his career in the wood industry, and due to his hard work and creativity and Danish ways of thorough planning the road to becoming a successful self employee was evident. As a young man he was soon noticed for his unique ways of doing things and great human skills. His curiosity, enthusiasm and ingenuity was so remarkable that he was given the opportunity to become self-employed immediately after his apprenticeship. In 1989 Carsten Klinksgaard started out with A-Z flooring selling and fitting wooden floors this soon developed into a business In partnership with Anders Hansen (Handy-Hansen) doing complete renovations, all the way through to 2007 till the decision was made. To try out the big adventure in Spain.

Core Values

We are known for being dynamic and innovative, with passion and engagement. With a practical approach to running a successful business and roots deeply anchored in the Danish traditions, we reach out to many areas both domestic and international. We have an open organization in the shop in Altea Spain, with Several suppliers German Danish and Italian.  Our business’ size is such that every employee has responsibilities focused on strengths and competence. Our philosophy is to show compassionate responsibility to our customers, the business and each others well-being. This is our foundation and one of our core values.

First and foremost it is about people, to do our best and show trust and respect towards the individual. This will give us unity and happiness in our everyday dealings. We want to create a positive atmosphere around us, because another core value is:”It has to be enjoyable to go to work”. This is a value we live up to and the joy reaches far beyond our own organization. This is recognized, both through our company in Altea and through all our business partners. 

Thank you for your interest, we are looking forward to meeting you!


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