Arredo3 Time


Arredo3 TIME Young, colourful, expressive, Time is the solution for those looking for a personal style. Thanks to the combination of glossy and matt finishes, Arredo3 Time reveals unpredictable compositional possibilities. The compositional freedom is high and allows, for example, the choice between openings [...]

Arredo3 Asia


Arredo3 ASIA Having a contemporary and industrial design, Arredo3 Asia Factory is highly suggestive. The key lies in the combination of wood and metal, exalted by the linearity of shapes, compositional choices and living contaminations. Conceived as a kitchen with a multi-purpose space, Asia [...]

Arredo3 Virginia


Arredo3 VIRGINIA Arredo3 Virginia intersects past and present through the resort to craftsmanship, stylistic detail and finishes quality, with their warm chromatic variations. Ecru open pore lacquered, white open pore lacquered, ivory ash open pore lacquered and cherry-wood veneered give unusual and classical feelings, [...]

Arredo3 Asolo


Arredo3 ASOLO Arredo3 Asolo is an elegant kitchen with a classic but light style, also obtained with moldings and thin decorative elements: a demostration of how attention to detail distinguishes each project of ours. Functional and practical, Asolo creates a reassuring atmosphere. The shrewdness [...]