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For those who want refinement, elegance and efficiency. Glass charms with its well-balanced minimalist shapes, combined with black and white or refined powdery nuances. It is reliable with its aluminium technical door and front panel in glass or HPL, ensuring lightness, sturdiness and durability. It has now been restyled as Glass 2.0: a kitchen that is even more modern and stylish.

Glass 2.0 Model 01

Glass 2.0 Model 01 is pure minimalist elegance.

Grey shades neatly contrast, simple shapes stand out. They include bold matte grigio foca glass for tall units and the soft tones of piuma glass for base units and wall units, and pietra di Savoia Laminam for countertops and back panels.

In this way, they create a perfect base for highlighting the appeal of wood, of rovere pergamena veneer for the square snack top, which concludes the gulf composition.

Rubik open compartments are provided for the hob area. They are practical and resistant thanks to their open frame in metal aluminium. They are also elegant, with a matching back panel and shelf in rovere pergamena veneer.

Base units and wall units in matte piuma glass. Tall units in matte grigio foca glass. Wainscoting with matte grigio foca lacquered vertical slats. Snack top in rovere pergamena veneer. Countertop, back panel and peninsula rear wainscoting in 683 grigio chiaro pietra di Savoia Laminam. Plinth and grip profile in metal aluminium.

  • Matt gray seal glass
  • Matt feather gray glass

  • Matte gray seal lacquer
  • Laminam light gray Savoy stone
  • Parchment oak veneer

  • Metal aluminium

Glass 2.0 Model 02

Glass 2.0 02 is a refinement of contrasts to the touch.

The countertops stand out in steel with an antiqued and ribbed vintage finish and with rovere safari textured veneer for the snack top. The vertical surfaces of the doors, instead, are smooth and uniform in matte caffè glass.

The doors are the special feature of the Glass 2.0 collection. They are resistant and durable, made of an aluminium frame that performs its technical function without revealing it, covered by the front panel.

Refinement: the narrow thickness of the countertop, designed to integrate the bowl into a single block, is re-introduced in the shelves in the brunito metal of the wainscoting in lavagna maximatt PET.

Base units and tall units in matt caffè glass. Wainscoting in lavagna maxximatt PET. Snack top in rovere safari veneer. Vintage steel countertop. Plinth, grip profile and Air open compartment with a brunito aluminium finish.

  • Matt coffee glass

  • PET maximized lavagna

  • Vintage steel
  • Safari oak veneer
  • Burnished aluminum

Glass 2.0 Model 03

Glass 2.0 Model 03 is a balance of proportions.

Open and closed proportions, with seamless linearity, are interrupted by the recessed plinth, a grip profile opening, an accessory. Proportions between areas of different colours create variety and define changes in function: noce bruno laminate for the Kalì model for the pantry in tall units with push-pull opening, matte nebbia glass for the functional area along the wall, countertops in 860 black kandia HPL, which, in the island, become a striking single block with doors.

Variety is created for countertops with Modus, a countertop storage unit for the island, and Cubo, a bar with LED lighting, which can be equipped with specific accessories.

The 860 black kandia HPL countertop, with integrated sink with a steel bottom, offers contrasting thicknesses, enhanced by the matte nebbia lacquer of glass doors.

Base units and tall units in matte nebbia glass. Base units for the island in 860 black kandia HPL. Wall units in matte nebbia glass. Tall units in noce bruno laminate. Countertop in 860 black kandia HPL. Plinth, grip profile, Air open compartment and Modus track with a brunito aluminium finish.

  • Opaque fog glass
  • HPL 860 black kandia
  • Brown walnut laminate
  • Titanium aluminum

Glass 2.0 Model 04

Glass 2.0 Model 04 extends to the living area.

The kitchen regains some support surfaces and a contrast between open and closed elements, features of the space dedicated to hospitality and relaxation. This is achieved with a refined combination of glossy bianco puro glass for base units and wall units and matte nero glass for tall units.

The same contrast is proposed with the choice of the countertop in nero Ingo Fenix HPL, with the warm appeal of the wall insert in larice Cortina laminate.

The Free bookcase, with a brunito metal frame, marks the transition to the living area. Nero opaco glass for doors and storage units provides a seamless line with tall units and the finishes of appliances.

With Glass 2.0, the kitchen and living area harmoniously co-exist. They have the same style, materials, colours and shapes, which perform different functions.

Base units and wall units in glossy bianco puro glass. Tall units in matte nero glass. Wainscoting and back panels in larice Cortina laminate. Countertop in nero Ingo Fenix HPL. Free bookcase with brunito aluminium frame, nero Ingo Fenix storage elements and larice Cortina laminate shelves. Plinth and grip profile with bianco opaco and nero opaco painted aluminium finish.

  • Glossy pure white glass

  • Matt black glass

  • Cortina larch laminate
  • HPL Fenix nero Ingo
  • Black and matt white aluminum

Glass 2.0 Model 05

Glass 2.0 Model 05 is to be discovered through touch.

Contemporary appeal for this corner composition with interesting textured effects. It includes matte piuma glass base units, Asia tall units and wall units in rovere ebano veneer, a countertop in 810 Fusione HPL and titanio aluminium plinths.

Not to mention, of course, the characteristic Glass 2.0 door: internal technical structure in aluminium, entirely concealed, with an external panel as a coating.

Aesthetic appeal, functionality and practicality also for accessories. This is evident with Modus, the accessorised countertop upstand that extends between the sink area and the hob area.

An oxidized metal effect for the countertop and upstand in 810 Fusione HPL. An underground touch contrasts with the precision of glass.

Base units in matt piuma glass. Asia tall units and wall units in rovere ebano veneer. Countertop and back panel in 810 Fusione HPL. Plinth and grip profile for base units with matte piuma lacquered aluminium finish, plinth and grip profile for tall unit with titanio aluminium finish.

  • Feather matt glass
  • Ebony oak veneer

  • HPL 810 fusion

  • Burnished aluminum

Glass 2.0 Model 06

A unique and airy environment, designed as the hub of the house, must perfectly perform various functions.

It requires refined materials and colours that are practical to clean, ideal as a base for transforming with a few thematic touches. Base units and tall units have external panels for the Glass 2.0 door in matte bianco puro glass, whereas the wainscoting and snack top are in noce Imperial laminate, with a countertop in 860 black kandia HPL. The same materials are re-introduced in the living area.

A balance of practicality and aesthetic appeal: noce Imperial laminate wainscoting with glass shelves in a niche and a concealed downdraft hood for the induction hob.

Base units and tall units in matte bianco puro glass. Wainscoting and external end panel for tall units in noce Imperial laminate. Snack top in noce Imperial laminate with peninsula support with brunito aluminium finish. Countertop in 860 black kandia HPL. Plinth and grip profile with brunito aluminium finish.

  • Pure white opaque glass
  • Laminate noce Imperial

  • HPL 860 black kandia
  • Burnished aluminum

Available finishings and colors

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