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For those who appreciate fine craftsmanship in general and in details. The name “Tekna” has its origins in the word “téchne” (τέχνη). In ancient Greek it was the art of metalworking, and over time it became “know-how”. Tekna is a kitchen that stands out with its doors with an integrated handle, a technical detail achieved with a cavity surmounted by a metal strip, with a titanio or metal finish, to allow a grip and an opening.

Tekna Model 01

Distinctive shapes and well-defined details.

Tekna Model 01 makes a statement. With its high tall units with Teca glass doors combined with other storage units in matte resina cromo PET; with ovens, framed by the playful effect of handles; with the decorative details of 823 statuario HPL countertops; with its thick noce Imperial laminate panels, which define the island, from the external area to the kitchen area, re-introduced in the wainscoting; with countertop shelves and accessories, ideal for accessorising the kitchen as you please.

The doors are delicately shaped inwards. They have an integrated handle, closed at the top by an aluminium profile, making it easier to grip.

Base units in matte bianco matt polymer, with wall units and tall units in matte resina cromo PET. Tall units with Teca doors with a titanio aluminium and transparent glass finish. Wainscoting and panels define the noce Imperial laminate island. Countertop and back panel in 823 Statuario HPL. Handle and plinth with titanio aluminium finish. Recessed Modus track with titanio finish.

  • Opaque white matt polymer
  • Chrome PET opaque resin

  • Imperial walnut laminate

  • Statuary HPL 823

  • Titanium aluminum

Tekna Model 02

Practical materials and handy spaces.

With Tekna Model 02, quercia dark laminate makes its entry in Kalì tall units with a grip-recess opening system, for the snack top area and for the bookcase shelves. It promises the look of a natural material and provides superior performance. The same choice has been made for countertops in 859 Piasentina HPL. The choice of the Free bookcase is also a functional one, partly full-height and partly resting on matte bianco matt polymer base units and reaching up to the ceiling.

Steel sink perfectly integrated in the 859 Piasentina HPL countertop. This material is ideal for areas subject to much stress, as it is highly resistant.

Base units in matte bianco matt polymer and tall units in quercia dark laminate. Free bookcase with titanio aluminium frame and quercia dark laminate shelves. Countertop in 859 piasentina HPL. Snack top and back panel in quercia dark laminate. Handle, grip profile and plinth with titanio aluminium finish.

  • Matt white opaque polymer
  • Dark oak laminate

  • HPL 859 Piasentina

  • Titanium aluminum

Tekna Model 03

Large spaces and a sense of continuity.

Tekna Model 03 features matte resina carbone PET tall units, positioned in the corner to accompany a composition that extends in an “L” shape. One side serves the kitchen and the other side the dining area, where tall units are enhanced with the Teca glass door. From there, you can clearly see the impressive nero Ingo Fenix HPL countertop, positioned on matte selenio matt polymer base units.

Rubik metal containers, D. 20 cm, are practical when recessed in the niche above the resin sink, integrated in the nero Ingo Fenix HPL countertop.

Tall units in resina carbone PET accompany the transition from the kitchen, equipped with integrated appliances, to the dining area.

Base units in opaque selenio matt polymer, tall units in opaque resina carbone PET. Wall units in rovere cuoio laminate. Tall units with Teca doors with a titanio aluminium and transparent glass finish. Countertop and back panel in nero Ingo Fenix HPL. Handle, plinth and Rubik open compartments with titanio aluminium finish.

  • Matt selenium opaque polymer

  • Carbon resin opaque PET

  • Leather oak laminate

  • Fenix black Ingo HPL
  • Titanium aluminum

Tekna Model 04

Functional elegance and extension to the living area. The Tekna Model 04 composition perfectly blends in with the atmosphere of the living area.

It features the timeless style of black, shown here in matte nero matt polymer for base units and tall units, with the addition of rovere biondo laminate for the snack top and the main wall units. Finally, it acquires a sophisticated look with four glass-door wall units with internal LED lighting, with wainscoting below in matte grigio cenere lacquer and with an Infinity Milan stone countertop.

The Free wall-mounted bookcase, with LED lights integrated in its uprights, extends vertically like the slats of the wainscoting with their irregular width.

Infinity Milan stone, a compact and waterproof material made of minerals, is used for the countertop and integrated sink bowls. The shelves of the countertop Free bookcase are in rovere biondo laminate.

Base units in matte nero matt polymer, wall units in rovere biondo laminate. Wall units with frame door with brunito aluminium finish and transparent glass. Vertical wainscoting in matte grigio cenere lacquer. Snack top and Free bookcase shelves in rovere biondo laminate. Infinity Milan stone countertop. Plinth with brunito aluminium finish.

  • Matt black opaque polymer
  • Blond oak laminate

  • Ash gray opaque lacquer

  • Infinity Milan stone

Tekna Model 05

A wealth of elements and lightness.

For Tekna Model 05, the effect is achieved with a warm and refined colour palette. The main finish is matte resina polvere PET, used for base units and tall units; with an Iris pietra grey ceramic countertop and back panel providing continuity. The matte lavagna matt polymer of the wall units has the task of creating a contrast in order to give space to the re-aligned noce bruno laminate shades of the wainscoting and the projecting table.

The square single-bowl sink is made of practical Iris pietra grey ceramic, forming a seamless line with the countertop.

A metal structure for the Open countertop storage unit and for Rubik elements combined with wall units, with noce bruno laminate back panel and shelf.

Base units in matte resina polvere PET and tall units in matte lavagna matt polymer. Open compartments at the end of tall units in lavagna matt PET. Wainscoting and snack top in noce bruno laminate. Table support in vetro fumé grigio glass. Countertop in Iris pietra grey ceramic. Handle, plinth and Rubik open compartments with titanio aluminium finish.

  • Opaque PET resin powder

  • Opaque polymer matt blackboard

  • Laminated brown walnut

  • Iris gray stone
  • Titanium aluminum

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