Kitchen Arredo3 Gioiosa in Altea La Vella

Old kitchen in Altea La VellaArredo3 Giogosa Ivory Altea La Vella

At Casa Interior we listen the needs of our clients. In this kitchen renovation our customers wanted to keep the worktop because it was practically new and they only wanted to change the furniture in the kitchen. They liked the classic kitchen style and the design of the door that they liked the most was Arredo3 Gioiosa in Ivory colour.

The kitchen is L-shaped with columns in front. The columns in 204 cm high are composed of a free installation fridge and a column with shelves. Above the columns there is a wall unit of 18 cm high and above the refrigerator a 24 cm high wall unit, both with a hinged opening.

Base units are distributed in the following way. A corner unit for a sink with an interior shelf and an aluminum bottom, a 60 cm wide free-standing dishwasher, a Balay oven unit and a induction hob, a 40 cm wide base unit with 4 drawers, a 45 cm piece of base unit with interior shelf and an 80 cm base unit with interior shelf and two doors.

In the upper part of the kitchen we have installed a wall unit of 80 cm high with two doors and two interior shelves, a rustic hood with moldings in chestnut colour 90 cm wide, a wall unit of 60 cm wide and another wall unit of 90 cm wide with two doors.

In addition, we have included in this kitchen a cornice and a light cover for the wall units to give more volume and give a more elegant touch.
As we have said before, we have reused the countertop that our customers already had, as well as the sink and the tap.

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