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Modern Kitchens


Küchentime Touch 337

Küchentime TOUCH 337 A kitchen with holiday flair Thanks to its striking aqua coloured fronts, this kitchen suggestion radiates holiday mood – and at the same time – makes the daily [...]


Küchentime Credo 765

Küchentime CREDO 765 Modern cosiness The modern classic look are distinguished by clear, sleek shapes and a classic colour palette. This conceptual design is characterised by an unusual amount of storage [...]


Küchentime Speed 239

Küchentime SPEED 239 Modern ambience – classic look A White kitchen is always both timeless and modern. Here, in combination with robust Grey wild oak reproduction, it adds an extraordinary, classic [...]


Küchentime StoneArt 304

Küchentime STONEART 304 Clear-cut and natural Clear architecture in Stone grey slate. This StoneArt design supplements the trend toward large-sized stone décors with an exceptional natural look. The practical roll-up front [...]


Küchentime Laser 416

Küchentime LASER 416 Kitchens without limits Today, the kitchen is the heart of the home/of where we live. The borders between cooking, eating, and living have long disappeared - rooms and [...]


Küchentime Laser 427

Küchentime LASER 427 Favourite colour White White continues to count among the most popular furnishing colours, because White is timelessly beautiful and it just feels good. White is unobtrusive, it makes [...]