Modern Kitchens


Küchentime Focus 470

Küchentime FOCUS 470 As beautiful as a summer day! Yellow is not just a mood lifter, this most beautiful of summer colours is also superb combined with pure Alpine white. The [...]


Küchentime Touch 332

Küchentime TOUCH 332 Kitchen as comfort zone Who wouldn’t want one – a kitchen that makes the daily work routine as comfortable as possible and which uses the latest state-of-the-art technology? [...]


Küchentime Cascada 774

Küchentime CASCADA 774 Cottage style minus the cliché Without the cliché overload of decorative elements, our modern cottage style range effortlessly exudes exactly what we expect from a contemporary take on [...]


Arredo3 Round

Arredo3 ROUND Completely inspired by nature, Arredo3 Round is the collection conceived for those who make the kitchen  an expressive, personal and open space. The [...]


Küchentime Focus 462

Küchentime FOCUS 462 Practical, ergonomic, stylish This modern, well-structured corner kitchen with lacquer fronts in an unobtrusive Ivory shade presents a real highlight with its railing handles in stainless steel. Visually [...]


Arredo3 Giò

Arredo3 GIÒ Arredo3 Giò is characterized by wooden finishes doors only, which give it strength and value. Its wide range of finishes [...]