Modern Kitchens


Arredo3 Round

Arredo3 ROUND For those who prefer rounded corners and practicality. Round is a new collection for expressive and personal spaces, which are always functional and [...]


Arredo3 Plana

Arredo3 PLANA Arredo3 Plana is a groove handle system. Plana opts for softer lines emphasizing the invitation to open the door with light reflections. This [...]


Arredo3 Tekna

For those who appreciate fine craftsmanship in general and in details. The name “Tekna” has its origins in the word “téchne” (τέχνη). In ancient Greek it was the art of metalworking, and over time it became “know-how”. Tekna is a kitchen that stands out with its doors with an integrated handle, a technical detail achieved with a cavity surmounted by a metal strip, with a titanio or metal finish, to allow a grip and an opening.


Arredo3 Glass 2.0

For those who want refinement, elegance and efficiency. Glass charms with its well-balanced minimalist shapes, combined with black and white or refined powdery nuances. It is reliable with its aluminium technical door and front panel in glass or HPL, ensuring lightness, sturdiness and durability. It has now been restyled as Glass 2.0: a kitchen that is even more modern and stylish.


Küchentime Touch 341

Küchentime TOUCH 341 Elegant Grey Shades of Grey are a wonderful colour foundation for modern and elegant kitchen designs. On the one hand, Grey reminds us of technology and urbanity, and [...]