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Young, colourful, expressive, Time is the solution for those looking for a personal style. Thanks to the combination of glossy and matt finishes, Arredo3 Time reveals unpredictable compositional possibilities. The compositional freedom is high and allows, for example, the choice between openings with a groove or handle, in which the 22 mm curved door is the protagonist. Chromatic contrasts do not fear coexistence between glossy and matt lacquers.

The linear stylistic cleaning of the compositions, sometimes minimal, sometimes more structured but always trendy, helps to highlight the materials used, especially with regard to tops and snack tops (sometimes supported by glass legs). Finally, the accessories significantly contribute to the aesthetics of the kitchen environment, such as large industrial-style hoods.

Time Model 01

  • Matt fog, matt glossy, matt carob

  • Top: Special laminate 145

  • Grooves: Matt carob Plana

  • Skirting boards: Matt carob

Time Model 02

  • Matt grey, matt volcano, matt Ferrari red

  • Top: Rocks laminate

  • Grooves: Matt volcano Plana

  • Skirting boards: Matt volcano

Time Model 03

  • Matt black, matt fog

  • Top: Black porphyry laminate

  • Snack top: Special laminate 134

  • Grooves: Stainless steel line

  • Skirting boards: Stainless steel

Time Model 04

  • Matt glass white, matt ash grey, matt ochre yellow

  • Top: White corian

  • Handles: 430 stainless steel

  • Skirting boards: Stainless steel

Time Model 05

  • Glossy light fawn, matt brick red

  • Top: Special laminate 146

  • Grooves: Burnished Plana

  • Skirting boards: Burnished

Logo Casa Interior

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