Kitchen Küchentime Touch in Altea Hills

Our clients wanted to change their small kitchen for another, that was more in harmony with the rest of the house. With a lot of personality and character, this amazing kitchen is now the center of the house. Please take a minute to see this beautiful transformation.

This boring and small kitchen in Altea Hills doesn’t fit this amazing house. The clients wanted to include the space next to the kitchen, to make the new kitchen much more spacious.

The wall was taken out to make it much bigger and connecting the kitchen with the living room. We also changed the floor, painted and did all electrical and water changes. When we finished with the heavy work we started to make it the real dream kitchen of our fantastic clients who gave us all the support we needed.

The great team of Casa Interior and Naturmabres, managed to install a fresh looking, modern and functional solution. Now the kitchen space is used in a smarter and more logical way, with clean modern doors and appliances. Please have a look.

More practical, wider and taller cupboards. More worktop area, using space that was previously unused, with integrated spotlights under the cupboards.

The kitchen furniture is manufactured by german Küchentime Touch (model), Colour: Blanco Albino super mate. All handles are integrated. The worktops are Beige Concrete and Absolute Blanc. Design and installation is made by Casa-Interior and “Naturmabres”.

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