Kitchen Küchentime Touch in Alicante

Old kitchen in AlicanteModern Kitchen Küchentime Touch Magnolia in Alicante

We have developed this kitchen project in the capital of the province, Alicante. It is a tourist apartment that our clients wanted to reform. The challenge has been to move all the kitchen installations, which were located at the back of the apartment, to the living room, to make a kitchen open to the fantastic views of the Mediterranean Sea.

Our clients wanted a modern, durable kitchen with harmonious colours. The model that they liked the most was the Touch model from our German supplier Küchentime and the chosen color was magnolia. It is a cream color, which gives a lot of warmth to the kitchen as opposed to white. As a handle, and to create a small contrast, they chose the integrated stainless steel handle that also protects the door from moisture.

The kitchen layout was quite simple. As the main element we have the large free-standing American refrigerator finished in stainless steel from the Bosch brand, like the rest of the appliances. This is followed by the oven and microwave column that combines black glass with stainless steel, which will be predominant in the rest of the kitchen design.

All the space has been used in the best possible way, in the corner we have used a corner cabinet with two removable trays, and next to it an integrated dishwasher. In the sink we have included some removable waste bins to facilitate use, and in the corner, scratching the last available centimeters, a small 15-centimeter pull out cabinet to store spices and small bottles. And finally, which leads to the island, where we have installed the hob and the large 90 cm wide hood with a recirculation filter to clean all the cooking fumes. We have also lengthened it to allow some seats and thus be able to enjoy the wonderful views that are in this apartment in Alicante.

The countertop used was the Fokos Terra model from the Laminam brand, a stone with an earthy brown finish, which transmits a lot of warmth. The thickness is 12 mm and the Blanco brand sink, in stainless steel finish, has been installed under the counter. In addition, the supports used to support the weight of the countertop also have a stainless steel finish that matches the rest of this beautiful and modern kitchen.

As points to highlight, we recommend paying attention to the wall units with a segment in black glass that also have integrated lights in the lower part, which can be controlled by remote control and change both the intensity of the light and the color of the temperature, allowing cold, natural and warm light to pass at will. Depending on the needs we have at home at the moment.

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