Kitchen Detail

If you have a penthouse apartment you need a penthouse kitchen!

Recently one of our clients asked us to make a brand new kitchen for their penthouse apartment. The client wanted a touch of color in the new kitchen. Together we decided to put up blue mosaics, above the sink and workplace.

  • The kitchen furniture is from Sønderborg Køkkenet, and has white mate colorline with railing handles.
  • Induction Wok from AEG and Extractor from Thermex, mounted in the ceiling, worked by remote control.
  • Special MDF frame around refrigerator/freezer lacquered in the same blue color as the mosaics. Interior pull-out drawers with spotlights. The blue color matches the blue in the worktop.
  • Refrigerator/freezer and wine cooler from Di Dietrich.

Are you having kitchen reform ideas yourself? If you would like us to make a drawing and a plan of what one of our kitchens would look like in your house feel free to contact us anytime!