Effect of disinfectants on kitchen surfaces

Casa Interior News   •   June, 2020

Disinfectants are NOT suitable for Kitchen surfaces/furniture!


In times of the corona virus (2020), disinfectants are increasingly used in the entire population.

Main uses are hand and skin disinfectants. In addition, there are also products for Surface disinfection (e.g. floors) available. Therefore we have checked commercial disinfectants in our laboratory for their use in the kitchen area.

The active substances and components of commercially available disinfectants can be roughly grouped into three categories:

  • Mode of action based on chlorine
  • Mode of action based on alcohol
  • Mode of action based on ammonium


We already know the destructive effect of chlorine and alcohol components on our surfaces and materials. These are not suitable for use in the kitchen.

Therefore, in our latest tests disinfectant tested with ammonium components. The test took place on 24.3.20 in the laboratory of the house Nobilia. The disinfectant was used according to the manufacturer’s instructions.


Already after a single application irreparable damage to fronts (cracks), carcase (swellings) and surfaces (discolorations).

Therefore, ammonium-based disinfectants are not suitable for use on kitchen furniture and surfaces.

On the next pictures you will find two sample images.

Casa Interior - Damage through cracks
Casa Interior - Damage through swelling