Project Description

Kitchen Arredo3 Cloe in Alfaz del Pi

This cozy kitchen we made, it has been a challenge referring to the shape of the room. No straight walls, columns and small spaces to work in. But we are very proud of the result of this kitchen renovation. Our customers were looking something nice and economic, and Arredo3 Cloe in Pearl Colour, was their choice. Is a beautiful kitchen, very practical and shiny.

The kitchen is divided between two walls, one in front of the other. In one part is the cleaning area with the sink and the other is the cooking area. Both has same space but a few differences, obviously.

The sink area has a 60 cm sink base unit with aluminium protection at the bottom as all sink base units we have. Also, we installed a pull-out garbage bin with two gaps 21 litters capacity each one. Besides the sink base unit there is a small 15 cm wide base unit, a 60 cm base unit and a base unit with four drawers. Above it there is a 90 cm wide wall unit with two doors and shelves inside.

The cooking area has these elements; two base units with two pull-out drawers each one for pans and pots, a small 15 cm wide pull-out base unit and a base unit for induction hob and oven from Balay. Above the base units there are one 80 cm wide wall unit, a 60 cm wall unit with a Balay integrated extractor and another 60 cm wide wall unit with shelves inside.

The plinth has an inox optical which match perfectly with the colour of the Arredo3 Cloe of the kitchen and the stainless steel handles.

The worktop is a Silestone Coral Clay in 2 cm thickness with water drains next to the sink, a Blanco Supra mounted under worktop with a folding tap from GRB Mixers and a water filter system from Waterways.

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