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Re-invented with new finishes and new compositions, Cloe stands out for its versatility and unexpected combination of classic and modern elements. Vintage handles or ultra-modern grip profile handles find their place on base units and wall units. The presence of metal and Air open units in minimalist style enhance its contemporary bold character.

Cloe Model 01

Featuring a cupboard with special Aria base, h. 24 cm, this kitchen offers a sensation of sturdiness with its slightly rustic style. Alabama register pore laminate for the base unit frame, embellished with a volcano grey eco-mortar special laminate countertop, elegantly matches the mink uv matt lacquer of wall units and tall units. Burnished aluminium elements, such as the Plana grip profile handle, the plinth and open compartments highlight its spontaneous, sober and elegant character.

  • Alabama register pore laminate
  • Mink uv matt lacquer

  • Volcano grey eco-mortar special laminate

Cloe Model 02

The titanium aluminium handle adds distinct appeal to base units and tall units, interpreting a spartan and slightly retro mood, further enhanced by the Factory bookcase with a titanium aluminium frame and Colorado register pore laminate shelves. The contrast between the Colorado wood-effect frame of the base units and the orion grey matt lacquer of the wall units and tall units creates a classic/contemporary and warm/cold contrast, giving the kitchen distinct appeal. Cement special laminate countertop.

  • Colorado register pore laminate
  • Orion grey uv matt lacquer
  • Cement laminate

Cloe Model 03

Neutral grey uv matt lacquer base units and wall units and 852 opal quartz countertop are softened with light green tall units with a meadow matt silk laminate finish, providing a relaxing sensory experience. The Plana grip profile handle in titanium aluminium, plinth and open units create a linear, reassuring and geometrical continuity, unexpectedly interrupted by the cupboard with Aria base, h. 24 cm, and a titanium vertical handle: with vintage appeal, its effect is more than contemporary.

  • Prato matt silk laminate
  • Neutral grey uv matt lacquer
  • 852 opal quartz

Cloe Model 04

The 366 special laminate countertop on neutral grey uv matt lacquer base units delicately complements Oregon register pore laminate wall units and tall units, orchestrating a symphony of shades enhanced by a grip profile handle and burnished aluminium plinths. Finally, burnished painted metal Air open units for living spaces provide a sensation of gratifying lightness. Eco-silica mortar wall panelling, th.3.5.

  • Oregon register pore laminate
  • 366 special laminate

  • Neutral grey uv matt lacquer

Cloe Model 05

Highlighting tone-on-tone and sheer, refined and minimalist elegance. Elegant white uv gloss lacquer base units and wall units blend with Atlanta oak register pore laminate, adding character to tall units, shelves and panels. Matched with 801 special laminate for the countertop and snack top it is uncomplicated. The burnished profiles of Plana grip profile handles, of plinths and the Factory bookcase clearly define spaces, helping to give balance and neatness to a composition that is definitely minimalist and rigorous, yet also warm and embracing.

  • Atlanta oak register pore laminate

  • 801 special laminate

  • White uv gloss lacquer

Cloe Model 06

Inspired by nature, for a delicate and modern effect. Alabama register pore laminate snack top and base units are combined with the subtle shades of juniper silk laminate for wall units and tall units. Burnished aluminium plinths and Plana grip profile handles highlight lines and perspectives, perfectly matching the quarzo Kristal 851 of countertops and back panels. Burnished aluminium Open open units complement a coherent and bold composition, without any excess.

  • Laminate poro registro Alabama
  • Silk mat laminate ginepro
  • Quarzo kristal 851
Logo Casa Interior

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