Project Description

Kitchen Arredo3 Cloe in Castalla

Arredo3 Cloe Pearl in CastallaArredo3 Cloe Pearl in Castalla

This kitchen renovation has been done in Castalla, 80 km from Altea. Our clients wanted something different what he had it. He wanted a full kitchen renovation and a practical and beautiful kitchen. Our proposal is a Arredo3 Cloe in Pearl finish with a chrome handle #1150 of 16 cm.

Organisation of this kitchen has been a little bit different because has a U shape, with columns on the side.

The part of the kitchen is in the wall behind has only base units. It is composing by; Base unit 45 cm wide with 2 drawers and 1 pull out; a 90 cm wide base unit with two doors and above it there is a Nikola Tesla hob with extractor included by Elica; a base unit of 90 cm wide with 2 drawers and 1 pull out; and a corner unit with shelves inside.

On the side of this part, above the corner base unit, there is a wall unit to cover the water boiler, a tall unit of 204 cm height for the integrated fridge from Balay, and a tall unit for a Bosch oven with same height. Above these columns we fit one wall unit of 36 cm height each one.

We continue with the third part only with base units again making a peninsula so our clients can sit and relax. There is a corner unit with shelves inside and two base units of 60 cm wide and shelves inside too.

The worktop is 2 cm thick laminate call Scraper with a triangle plinth in the same colour with a sink and tap from Blanco. The bottom plinths are made in inox in 15 cm height.

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