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Arredo3 Frame is characterized by its frame door, which finely interprets a fashionable contemporary taste, especially among the youngest. Matt PET and matt lacquered finishes combine with the warmth of the Brest or Lyon ash, giving Frame’s modern design a more traditional warmth. Characterized by a practical and impressive design, this kitchen ranges between different compositional approaches, with sometimes unusual but always practical structures. Thickness play in tops, corners, wall units and kitchen and living contaminations make Frame a versatile and original collection, easily adaptable to any type of environment.

Frame Model 01

  • Bases: Matt pet white maxximatt

  • Tall units: Matt pet white maxximatt

  • Wall units: Matt black lacquered

  • Open compartment: Matt ochre lacquered

  • Top: Portland grey laminate

  • Snack top: Special laminate 134

  • Skirting boards and grooves: Matt black lacquered

Frame Model 02

  • Bases: Matt pet mud maxximat

  • Tall units: Matt pet mud maxximat

  • Wall units: Termocotto oak

  • Shelves: Termocotto oak

  • Back panels: Termocotto oak

  • Top: Volcano laminate 393

  • Skirting boards and handles: Stainless steel

Frame Model 03

  • Bases: Alkorcell Lyon ash

  • Tall units: Matt pet white maxximatt

  • Wall units: Matt carob lacquered

  • Top: Matt brown graphite marble

  • Skirting boards and grooves: Burnished

Frame Model 04

  • Bases: Alkorcell brest ash

  • Wall units: Alkorcell brest ash

  • Tall units: Matt grey lacquered

  • Shelves: Matt grey lacquered

  • Top: Bromo fenix grey laminate 806

  • Snack top: Matt grey lacquered

  • Skirting boards and grooves: Burnished

Frame Model 05

  • Bases: Alkorcell lyon ash

  • Tall units: Alkorcell lyon ash

  • Wall units: Matt volcano lacquered

  • Shelves: Matt brick-red lacquered

  • Top: HPL layered

  • Handles: Leaden

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