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Modern, extrovert, versatile and easily customised: thanks to the new integrated handle and the addition of 10 new finishes, making a total of more than 39 to choose from, Kalì expresses your personality and reveals it in your kitchen. Laminate and Pet laminate, accessorised back panels and burnished elements are its dominant features for highly contemporary sensations.

Kalì Model 01

Balanced and harmonious spaces and sensations. The reassuring effect of brown walnut laminate acquires more contemporary appeal with burnished Plana grip profiles, burnished plinths and Air aluminium elements. Lapitec countertop and leg supports ensure sturdiness and a long life.

  • Brown walnut laminate

  • Lapitec lithos Avana
  • Burnished aluminium

Kalì Model 02

Matt slate grey maxximatt Pet base units, enhanced with the new brass handle blend with a black stone Unicolor laminate countertop and back panels for a simple yet luxurious overall effect. American walnut laminate panels and special drawers, h. 24 cm, interrupt the flow of this composition, making it unique and distinctive.

  • Matt slate grey maxximatt
  • Laminate black stone
  • American walnut laminate

Kalì Model 03

The “dense” effect of darker shades contrasts with the lightness of the countertop, the snack top and laminate back panels. The distinct character of brushed stone Pet base units and brushed lava Pet tall units combines with the personality of glass wall units with smoked glass doors and orion grey carcases. Burnished handle with 30° handle grip and burnished grip profile.

  • Brushed stone and lava Pet
  • Black fumè glass
  • Top and back panel special laminate 802

Kalì Model 04

Refined and contemporary, eucalyptus walnut base units and wall units subtly blend with the burnished L-shaped handles of base units and tall units, the plinth and open units. The sober elegance of the countertop, back panel, leg supports, wall panelling and tall units h. 204 cm with eco-silica mortar finish, accompanies the lightness of glass shelves, providing a sensation of perfect overall harmony.

  • Eucalyptus walnut laminate
  • Eco-silica mortar laminate
  • Burnished aluminium

Kalì Model 05

The linear elegance of matt white maxximatt Pet base units, wall units and tall units is interrupted by the bold «depth» of new titanium handles for base units and tall units, the plinth and the Factory bookcase. The result is a dynamic contrast that is softened only by the blond oak snack top and shelves, which help to give the room balance, neatness and visual harmony.

  • Matt white maxximatt Pet
  • Laminate white stone
  • Special laminate blond oak

Kalì Model 06

The new stainless steel effect of the Pet base units with ultracontemporary appeal and new titanium handles, plinths, Factory bookcase and open units are effortlessly accompanied by the highly resistant Dekton Sirius countertop, adding bold character to the room. The walnut laminate of the snack top, back panels and tall units h. 60 or 75 cm, softens the cold effect of metal.

  • Stainless steel Pet
  • Italian walnut laminate
  • Titanium aluminium
  • Dekton Sirius

Kalì Model 07

The textured sensation of hide oak for the tall units, snack top and wall units contrasts with the more subtle effect of metal, enhanced with new handle with titanium profile, the titanium plinth and the bookcase, also in titanium. The relaxing grey colour of matt selenium maxximatt Pet base units and the lavica quartz countertop provide overall balance and a symmetrical effect.

  • Matt selenium maxximatt Pet
  • Hide oak laminate
  • Lavica quartz
  • Titanium aluminium

Kalì Model 08

From the dark shades of tall units and wall units in Pet maxximatt lavagna to the light hues of Pet maxximat fango of the base units passing throw Noce America: the result is a highly modern and distinctive composition with a character that is further enhanced by Riga handle in titanium finishing. The highly resistant Dekton Kelya countertop blends with lavagna panels and noce America laminate, interrupting continuous lines.

  • Matt mud brown maxximatt Pet and matt black
  • American walnut laminate
  • Dekton Kelya
  • Burnished aluminium

Kalì Model 09

Carbon resin Pet base units with burnished handles are a foretaste of the symbiosis between the Dekton Sirocco countertop and the elements around it, including hide oak laminate wall panelling and wall units. The island unit, featuring a special Aria base unit 24 cm, stands out with its light relaxed shapes. Slate grey Pet tall units with burnished handles.

  • Carbon resin Pet and matt lavagna
  • Hide oak laminade
  • Burnished aluminium

Kalì Model 10

The subtle combination of Fenix castoro base units and countertop and Beton laminate back panels are a guarantee of simple, understated aesthetic appeal. Eucalyptus grey laminate wall units and tall units and eucalyptus grey wall panelling with burnished edges and shelves complement the pleasant effect of this composition, whereas burnished aluminium Air elements add a touch of vibrant contemporary appeal.

  • Fenix castoro
  • Beton laminate
  • Eucalyptus grey laminate
  • Burnished aluminium
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