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Arredo3 presents its new collection of Kronos kitchens:
A sophisticated design project combines cutting-edge technical features with fine materials to create timeless contexts.

Frame door
The doors in the Kronos collection feature a titanium painted aluminium frame with a laminate, HPL, Fenix-NTM®, wood, glass or Laminam panel. Light and practical, the doors open easily thanks to an integrated grip handle at the top or bottom.

The doors comprise an extruded aluminium frame with an integrated handle.

From classic laminate to innovative Laminam, panels are available in 6 different materials.

  • HPL

Kronos Model 01

In a large space, tall glass cabinets create a large and varied kitchen, featuring two functional areas in Pet white mat, a snack top, wall units and tall units in ebony oak.

The base units of the central island unit have a titanium painted aluminium frame with an upper handle grip. This functional solution is not without aesthetic appeal: when closed, the doors have a tidy and rigorous appearance.

In the functional area along the wall, the countertop changes in thickness where it meets the sink unit. Like the back panel, it comes in Statuarietto Laminam, a fine material that resembles marble veins. It is matched with Pet bianco mat base units and rovere ebano laminate wall units.

  • Matt white Pet
  • Ebony oak
  • Laminam Statuarietto

Kronos Model 02

This composition adapts to architectural lines in a horseshoe shape, with full-height tall units in safari oak veneer on one side, base units and
wall units in the middle, and a functional peninsula with a snack top on the other side.

Like the base units under the window, the functional peninsula is in Fenix grigio bromo like the countertop. A snack top stands next to the hob area with a concealed extractor hood, positioned on a smoked glass leg.

Veneered safari oak tall units are interspersed with Fenix grigio bromo wall panelling with shelves. This solution elegantly lightens the wall of tall units, with ovens that seem to be suspended even though positioned at a functional height.

  • Safari oak
  • Fenix grigio bromo

Kronos Model 03

This linear composition extends along a single wall, where Fenix grigio londra base and wall units are complemented with open units and tall units in veneer Parchment oak.

The elegant nero Greco Laminam finish perfectly adapts to the extra thick countertop resting on Fenix grigio Londra pull-out base units, fitted with internal soft close drawers.

The living space seamlessly extends from the kitchen area, in the same bold style enhanced by alternating stone and laminate finishes and the Factory bookcase.

  • Parchment oak

  • Fenix grigio Londra
  • Laminam nero Greco

Kronos Model 04

Elegance and refinement are the distinctive features of this gulf composition, enhanced by an accessorised back panel with a Dekton Sirocco finish. Base units with matt misty glass doors give the room harmonious aesthetic appeal with great effect.

The interiors can be fitted with drawers and pull-out deep drawers with cutlery trays and other accessories of your choice. They are shown here in Orion grey, with a finish that matches the frame.

The elements included on the wall in the functional area create distinct yet gentle contrasts with the Dekton Sirocco back panel with great visual appeal. The choice of matt misty glass for the base units gives the room refined and sophisticated appeal.

  • Noce bruno
  • Matt misty glass
  • Dekton Sirocco

Kronos Model 05

The large spaces of this kitchen make the context ideal for including an impressive central island unit with various shapes. The use of tinted black glass elements balances and harmonises the composition, making it a vibrant mosaic of spaces and colours.

Focusing on the details of kitchen utensils allows the eye to naturally wander from the Dekton countertop to the Imperial walnut tall units on the back wall.

The detail of the interior shelves can be seen thanks to the recessed opening in the frame.

  • Imperial walnut
  • Stainless steel Pet

  • Dekton Kelya

Kronos Model 06

In this kitchen, the hob area and the sink unit are positioned on two different island units, joined by a projecting snack top. The composition is complemented with tall units containing household appliances.

The matt selenium grey glass doors of refrigerator tall units, the oven and storage unit stand out thanks to their combination with glass cabinets with Led lights with a titanio frame and tinted black glass, making the composition both impressive and striking.

The L-shaped island unit has an Italian walnut snack top that is thicker than the Savoia grey stone Laminam countertop, with which it is combined to create dynamic depths that revitalise the composition.

  • Noce Italia
  • Matt selenium glass
  • Black glass
  • Savoia grey stone Laminam

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