Kitchen Arredo3 Meg Fango Matt in La Nucía

Old kitchen in La NuciaArredo3 Meg Fango matt in La Nucia

From Casa Interior we want to thank this client especially for her patience and understanding in these difficult times. The same week that we were going to set up her kitchen, confinement was imposed in Spain and it took us more than 3 months to set up her kitchen. But she perfectly understood the situation we were in and endured without a single complaint during all this time. Thank you very much for placing all your trust in Casa Interior, from the heart.

The renovation of the kitchen has also included a total reform of this house in La Nucía. The type of door we have chosen is that of the Meg de Arredo3 model, which has been put on the market in this year 2020. It has a very soft finish to the touch and some interesting colors.

The kitchen is divided into different parts. The columns, where the Balay brand refrigerator, oven and microwave are integrated. The cooking area with a pull-out cabinet and a spacious cabinet with 90 cm drawers where you can store all the cutlery, pans, and pots. Also noteworthy is the corner cabinet with two removable trays that support up to 25 kg each. Next, there is the area of the sink and the built-in dishwasher, ending with an angled cabinet to facilitate access and the transition from the dining room to the kitchen. On the opposite wall we have high and low furniture with doors that will be used to store everything you need.

As we have mentioned before, all the appliances are from the Balay brand. We want to highlight the oven and microwave with an anthracite glass finish, which combines with many colors and gives a touch of modernity and elegance.

The worktop is 20 mm thick Andromeda granite with a splashback in both the cooking area and the storage area. The sink and tap are from the Icoben brand and it has been installed under the counter.

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