Kitchen Arredo3 Verona in Altea La Vella

Old kitchen in Altea La VellaClassic kitchen Arredo3 Verona Juta in Altea La Vella

This project that we have carried out in Casa Interior has been in Altea La Vella, at the lap of Sierra Bernia. Our clients know our company well since it is the third kitchen, they have made with us, and we are very proud that they choose us for their new projects.

On this occasion, they were looking for a classic kitchen from our Italian supplier Arredo3, which offers a wide range of varieties in door styles and finishes. The door model that they liked the most for their classic kitchen project in Altea La Vella was the Verona model in Juta finish, which has a very special light gray color.

To carry out this project, a reform has been carried out to open the space and connect it to the living room. The layout of this kitchen is as follows; a cook area in which the classic kitchen of the Smeg brand stands out, which is made up of 7 gas burners and 3 ovens; On the sides of this classic kitchen, we have drawers and pull-outs on the left and an integrated dishwasher on the right. It is followed by a large black granite sink from the Luisina brand and a faucet in a bronze finish. Next, we have a large work area made up of an integrated Bosch washing machine, an Avintage wine cellar with a capacity for 50 bottles and a corner cabinet with removable trays. We ended up with a large 80 cm wide refrigerator from the Haier brand.

In this classic kitchen we have not designed any wall cabinets as our clients wanted an open space that was not overloaded with furniture, so the only upper element is the large classic hood in the same Verona Juta finish as the cabinets.

The countertop we have used is a reproduction of wood from our German supplier Küchentime, the trunk oak model, a dark and very realistic color but which offers all the guarantees of a countertop prepared to last for many years, like all the furniture in this beautiful classic kitchen in Altea La Vella.

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