Kitchen Arredo3 Virginia in Altea

Arredo3 Virginia White Altea

We present you one of the most beautiful designs of this year 2021. We want to thank our client who has trusted the Casa Interior team to carry out this very personal classic kitchen in Altea. The design of the door was always clear, the Virginia model of the Arredo3 brand in white. This model is the one we have in our showroom in Altea. Its classic and elegant lines define this style of Italian cuisine that lasts over time without aging.

This classic kitchen in Altea, near the beach, has been completely refurbished by smoothing the walls, changing the floor, and remaking the ceiling. The height of the columns is 228 cm and that of the tall units is 96 cm, the maximum we have, and which together with the plinth and the upper cornice make a total of 2.47 meters.

The classic kitchen layout is divided into four parts:

– The first part is the column area, where most of the storage is concentrated, with a 60 cm wide column followed by another 90 cm column with glass doors, ideal for crockery and glassware. In the next column is the oven with a classic finish from the Smeg brand. And then an open column with shelves to break the continuity of doors. To frame the columns there are two capitals at the ends.

– The second part of the kitchen is the largest. We find the sink area, the integrated Bosch dishwasher, and the large work area. We have combined the wooden door cabinets with the glass doors.

– The third part is the cooking area; in a beautiful peninsula we have installed a Nikola Tesla hob with an integrated extractor from the Elica brand. A modern plate that blends in perfectly with the classic environment that surrounds it.

– The fourth and last part is the American refrigerator with a cabinet on top that completes this fantastic kitchen.

The countertop we have used is made of laminated wood in a 6 cm thick Walnut finish, with cladding in the same finish and 10 cm high tufts. The two-bowl Blanco brand sink in Silgranit Jazmin finish stands out against the dark color of the wood. And the Old England faucet in gold finish from the Franke brand is spectacular.

Other details, such as the small household appliances from the Smeg house or the white lacquered cutlery holders or the cube integrated in the cabinet under the sink give a very exclusive touch to this impressive classic kitchen in Altea. To top it off, an LED light under the tall cabinets creates a cozy atmosphere when the rest of the lights are off.

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