Kitchen Arredo3 Wega in Altea

Old kitchen in AlteaModern Kitchen Arredo3 Wega Lacquered Matt Red Rosso Rubino in Altea

Casa Interior shows you today a small kitchen in a small apartment in the heart of Atea. Due to the dimensions and shape of this kitchen, the challenge of turning an old kitchen into a modern one has been quite big. The original distribution had to be respected, so the changes could not go beyond modernizing the furniture, the electrical appliances, and the countertop. But thanks to the interest and motivation of our clients, who have been a great help to this project, we have made one of the most original and spectacular kitchens we have ever done.

Our clients were looking for a type of modern door and a bold color that would dominate the room. After reviewing our entire catalogue, they loved the Wega model in a matt lacquered finish in Rosso Rubino. So once this door from our Italian supplier Arredo3 was chosen, we got to work on maximizing the space of this charming kitchen in Altea.

As can be seen in the photos of the project, this “U” shaped kitchen does not leave much room for imagination. The sink area with the washing machine and a corner cabinet with the sink is the most we could add. Followed by the cook area, where next to the furniture with the oven and the Balay induction hob, we were able to add a small 15 cm removable furniture to store small jars and spices. On the other side of the oven, we have a 45 cm cabinet with drawers to store cutlery and a drawer for other larger things. For the corner we have been able to install a corner cabinet with two pull out trays that are perfect for storing all kinds of tableware because access is very easy and simple. Next to the corner cabinet, a large cabinet with two 90 cm drawers is perfect for more storage. And finally, another 15 cm removable cabinet to squeeze every centimeter of space out of this minimalist kitchen.

The tall units are 96 cm high in order to reach the ceiling and get the maximum possible useful space in this kitchen. In addition, the detail that all the furniture has recessed lights makes the entire workspace illuminated. And when you have finished cooking you can lower the intensity of the lights to leave the environment illuminated without disturbing the view. An important detail is the hole to expose the microwave, a great pride of our client, who stands out with the red of the furniture.

The 12 mm countertop from the Laminam brand, Fokos model, Sale color, combines perfectly with the bright red of the furniture, transmitting calm and leaving the furniture the leading role in the entire kitchen. In addition, the sink and the tap from the Shock brand in a black finish give elegance to the whole set.

We hope you liked this great little kitchen in Altea as much as our customers.

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