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Kitchen Küchentime Inline in Altea La Vella

Old kitchen Altea La VellaKüchentime Inline White Alpine Altea La Vella - Despues

A new kitchen renovation with one of our most popular models, Küchentime Inline alpine white combined with Dekton Trilium countertop. Our clients have chosen for this modern model without handles to renovate their kitchen in their house in Altea La Vella. The small space of the U-shaped kitchen makes the distribution more defined, so the main elements remain in their original place, but, as you will see in the pictures, the change is still revealing.

This kitchen has a peculiarity, because normally the standard height of the kitchen is of 87 cm, adding the 15 cm of skirting and 72 cm of the height of the furniture. But our customers were very clear that they needed space, so what we did was to change the baseboards by 10 cm high and add a 14.4 cm high drawer to all the base units, achieving a final height, including the worktop, of 98.4 cm. We started with the free installation refrigerator to which we added a top wall unit 25 cm high to maximize space. It is followed by a built-in dishwasher for the Siemens brand and a 60 cm wide sink base unit with pull-out door and a fully integrated waste organizer, both with a drawer above each. A corner cabinet with pull out trays to use all space possible and its respective upper drawer. Beside it, a composition of a pull-out base unit 30 cm wide and another base unit with 3 drawers and 1 pull-out drawer, and on top of these two base units, a drawer 90 cm wide and 14.1 cm high. Instead of continuing with another corner base unit, what we have done has been to change the direction of the base units that makes up the peninsula, making them look outwards. The two pieces of cabinets are 80 cm with one drawer and two big pull-out drawers and have a special height so there is no need to add an extra drawer to each one. As an auction, a panel has been installed at the end with a stainless steel base.

As high cabinets, 3 wall units of 50, 60 and 90 cm wide and 72 cm high, with folding door and two interior shelves. The doors do not belong to the Inline model, since the handle is not integrated in the door, but it is the lower part that is adapted so that it does not need a handle, but the front of the doors is in alpine white. In addition, LED lights are integrated in the bottom of all wall units.

On one of the walls of the kitchen, where there was a somewhat undefined area between base, high and tall units, we installed 3 columns. The first column, 30 cm wide, is a pharmacy tall unit with 6 hanging baskets with wooden base and metal railing, adjustable in height. The second column, where the 45 cm high oven and microwave oven and the heating module of the NEFF brand are integrated. And the third column, 40 cm wide, consists of a 70.1 cm top door and two flanged doors in the lower part. In the inner part there are 5 lower drawers and in the upper one a shelf.

The worktop, as we have said at the beginning of the article, is a 2 cm thick Dekton Trilium and has been installed by our colleagues Terra Marbre. The sink with drainer in coffee color is of the Blanco brand, model Zia, together with the Yovis model faucet, of the same brand. The Flex induction hob is of the NEFF brand with control for the Elica hood, Naked model. In addition, there is a back in white lacquered glass between the worktop and wall units with two cutouts for the plugs.
We want to make a special mention to the real estate agency Amper Villas, who got in touch with us to carry out this project.

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