Küchentime Artis 938


Küchentime ARTIS 938 DEEP WHITE Last year’s highlight ARTIS now has an alternative in an alpine white matt glass appearance. The interplay of a particularly matt surface and special edging technology creates an ideal foundation for an exclusive yet practical look. Front: Glass [...]

Küchentime EasyTouch 966


Küchentime EASYTOUCH 966 ELEGANT BLUE Our new Fjord blue unfolds its true qualities in combination with light uni-coloured surfaces and wood. This dark blue hue looks particularly classy when combined with gold-coloured elements. Front: Fjord blue ultra matt (966) Carcase [...]

Küchentime Riva 842


Küchentime RIVA 842 A COSY CONCRETE LOOK Concrete is popular... And not just with architects. The material has also established its place in interior design and offers varied design options. Our new Sand colour closes the gap to warmer, softer hues. Pure urban style! [...]

Küchentime Artis 937


Küchentime ARTIS 937 Highly elegant The niche cladding in a wood appearance sets the stage for this particularly elegant design. Design highlights: the fronts in warmcolours with optical depth effect. An exceptional glass appearance with a slightly metallic shimmer. The best backdrop for the exclusive fronts in an exciting look that is only [...]

Küchentime Riva 840


Küchentime RIVA 840 Elegant wood appearance The straight, matt look acquires a timeless naturalness thanks to the elements in the walnut décor. An elegant eye-catcher and practical to boot: the extra-high glass wall unit Flat with black glass. Front: [...]

Küchentime Riva 839


Küchentime RIVA 839 Open to life! The concrete-look kitchen designed to ceiling height is all about intelligent storage space. The favourite piece here is the extra-high glass wall unit Flat. Helps in an almost invisible way: the universal organisation system Open Space, which allows drawers to be divided in an individual and variable [...]

Küchentime Structura 403


Küchentime STRUCTURA 403 Timeless elegance Those who like clear lines and muted colours will love this design. The expressive fronts in Nero oak and the elegant designer glass fronts Square join forces to create a timelessly modern ambience. Front: Nero oak reproduction (403) Carcase colour: Black [...]

Küchentime StoneArt 304


Küchentime STONEART 304 Spacious design An open concept kitchen in the truest sense of the word. The media wall system was designed using elements from the same material. A beautiful example of kitchen and living area merging and forming a beautiful living space. Front: Stone grey slate [...]

Küchentime Inox 216


Küchentime INOX 216 Kitchen culture with a professional look!If you would like to take the professional look of your kitchen to the next level, then this front in Brushed steel décor is the perfect choice. The front contributes to the style-defining Stainless steel appearance and lends a touch of industrial chic to [...]

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