Küchentime Rio 698


Küchentime RIO 698 Naturalness is in great demand Rural escapism, green belt love affair, country life – these terms are very popular and the trend toward a new natural living is in great demand. Clear, sleek shapes and natural décors and colours are characteristic of the modern cottage style. The colour [...]

Arredo3 Plana


Arredo3 PLANA Arredo3 Plana is a groove handle system. Plana opts for softer lines emphasizing the invitation to open the door with light reflections. This groove system is practical and effective and allows you to appreciate the "planarity" of the compositions without a protruding handle. [...]

Arredo3 Itaca


Arredo3 ITACA The lacquered door with ash frame is available in open pore lacquered finish and pickled finish in white, Carrara, clay, land and titanium through a combination of shades and materials that gives life to always elegant and never-expected combinations. The sophistication of the compositions [...]

Arredo3 Frame


Arredo3 FRAME Arredo3 Frame is characterized by its frame door, which finely interprets a fashionable contemporary taste, especially among the youngest. Matt PET and matt lacquered finishes combine with the warmth of the Brest or Lyon ash, giving Frame's modern design a more traditional warmth. [...]

Arredo3 Wega


Arredo3 WEGA Arredo3 Wega offers many solutions, through a play based on the combination between the essential aesthetics of plain colours, such as the two PET finishes, and the entire lacquered range and the alternation of wood. Clean lines, distinct shapes and handle integrated [...]

Arredo3 Time


Arredo3 TIME Young, colourful, expressive, Time is the solution for those looking for a personal style. Thanks to the combination of glossy and matt finishes, Arredo3 Time reveals unpredictable compositional possibilities. The compositional freedom is high and allows, for example, the choice between openings [...]

Arredo3 Glass


Arredo3 GLASS Arredo3 Glass is the glass kitchen, in all its forms, combined with solid, substantial and textured walls. At the colour level, white, black, glossy and matt alternate, even side by side to elements such as the wooden snack top with a transparent glass [...]

Arredo3 Zetasei


Arredo3 ZETASEI Arredo3 Zetasei owes its name to the special lowered skirting board, only 6 cm high, unlike the 12 cm commonly used. This innovation is not only an aesthetic way. The 6cm skirting board provides many practical benefits, including increased volume, increased [...]

Arredo3 Frida Modern


Arredo3 FRIDA MODERN What makes Frida stand out from other kitchens? First of all, the unique design of its doors: framed doors with an integrated grip handle for an original style. Thanks to a wide range of finishes and new dedicated furnishing accessories, Frida also provides [...]

Arredo3 Asia


Arredo3 ASIA Having a contemporary and industrial design, Arredo3 Asia Factory is highly suggestive. The key lies in the combination of wood and metal, exalted by the linearity of shapes, compositional choices and living contaminations. Conceived as a kitchen with a multi-purpose space, Asia [...]

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