Küchentime Riva 842


Küchentime RIVA 842 A COSY CONCRETE LOOK Concrete is popular... And not just with architects. The material has also established its place in interior design and offers varied design options. Our new Sand colour closes the gap to warmer, softer hues. Pure urban style! [...]

Küchentime Laser 414


Küchentime LASER 414 INSPIRED BY NATURE Nature is in style. A new Volcanic grey melamine front in price group 2 adds a natural warm hue to our range of dark grey colours. Incidentally, Volcanic grey is a perfect addition to Concrete Terra grey or any shade of wood. [...]

Küchentime EasyTouch 969


Küchentime EASYTOUCH 969 Pure design Less is more! Including when it comes to the design of a kitchen: clear lines and emphasis on simple elements, this is what pure enjoyment looks like. For us, high quality is all about the perfect interplay of design and function. The black glass fronts of the Climber [...]

Küchentime Speed 288


Küchentime SPEED 288 Strong in concreteConcrete is on-trend and offers lots of room to play with when it comes to design. With this design in a black concrete appearance, it was important to us to integrate storage space in an intelligent way, such as in the functional niche. Thanks to the black [...]

Küchentime Xeno – Mascarat


Kitchen Küchentime Xeno in Macarat Küchentime Metal Sand Glossy 801 Stainless Steel Silestone White Zeus The objective here was to get a modern high end looking kitchen with a lot of charm, better work space and a better connection [...]

Küchentime Chalet 881


Küchentime CHALET 881 With a love for detail The incomparable material aesthetic of genuine lacquer is really something extraordinary. The high-quality processing/finishing/workmanship of these sophisticated/exquisite framed doors lends our cottage style kitchens a timeless lasting value. Front: Sand matt (881) Carcase colour: Sand (122) Worktop: Vintage [...]

Küchentime Laser 415


Küchentime LASER 415 A lot of function in a small space This typical corner kitchen demonstrates that an optimum kitchen work routine can be achieved with just a few key kitchen components. And because this is a real open concept kitchen, there is also a generous dining area with open shelf [...]

Küchentime Focus 467


Küchentime FOCUS 467 A family kitchen with plenty of space Kitchen design according to the "modular principle" allows much leeway for both large and small floor plans. The result is an informal kitchen architecture with separate dining area and well-thought-out functional solutions and storage options. The effectively placed accents infuse this [...]

Küchentime Laser – Albir


Kitchen Küchentime Laser in Albir Küchentime Sand Aluminium Integrated Granit White Pearl The objective for our client here was to get a modern looking kitchen with a lot more room to work and a better connection to the adjacent room.When we first saw the old kitchen it was obvious [...]

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