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Casa Interior News   •   November, 2017

One of the things we also really like about the new kitchen is the Elica extractor. No need to say that all air is passing through a filter to be cleaned, but also this extractor has the feature of maintaining the temperature so you will not waste energy, having to re-cool or re-heat the air in the rest of your house. The design is amazing and gives you a cool touch to your new kitchen.

This kitchen has a lot of cabinets for storing, so it will be an easy kitchen to keep tidy, at all times. The fridge is integrated next to the oven. We have chosen a contrast color for that part of the kitchen, to create a modern timeless look. The indirect light from underneath the shelves, gives the comfortable feeling and perfect work light, that every kitchen needs. This kitchen will fit perfectly connected to a livingroom.

  • The kitchen furniture consists of models Structura 400 Gladstone Oak / model RIVA 891 White concrete with integrated metal handle number 430.

  • Worktop is a composite from COMPAC quarts color is: White Ama.

  • Hob is a 3 zone induction and from The Electrolux group a make called Leonard.

  • Oven is AEG with the option of adding steam for crispier baking.

  • Fridge is from Juncker which is made by the Bosch / Siemens group.

  • Tap is the Ferman make Blanco and is called Tivo in Champagne color to match worktop and wood.

  • Finally the sink is from Icoben a make called Apell 50 cm wide by 40 cm deep stainless steel and undermounted model.

You can come a visit us and our new showroom in Altea. See you soon