New Catalog Küchentime 2019

Casa Interior News   •   April, 2019

New doors Küchentime 2019

Küchentime brings a new catalog in 2019. Now we can show to you all the different new doors and say goodbye to some models which will not be available anymore. Additionally, there are new models for carcase colours, worktops and handles.

Sand (288)

A kitchen floor plan designed to be modern and spacious while artfully dividing the kitchen and dining areas. A truly family-sized kitchen where young and old alike feel at home.

Modern Kitchen Küchentime 2019 Speed 288
Modern Kitchen Küchentime 2019 Riva 887 Line N
Somerset oak reproduction (887)

Modern architecture and natural-looking finishes harmonise perfectly in this design. The Black shelf support poles and handle profiles underscore the modern look and create exciting contrasts.

Dakota oak reproduction (888)

This kitchen has everything a kitchen should – in a fraction of the space. Plenty of storage space thanks to XL base units, an integrated table solution and a gorgeous mix of materials using modern Dakota oak and glass fronts in Black glass. Space for additional pantry provisions, cleaning agents and equipment is provided by the adjacent utility room.

Modern Kitchen Küchentime 2019 Riva 888
Modern Kitchen Küchentime 2019 Structura 402
Havana oak reproduction (402)

A beautiful combination for feeling connected to nature. Savour the beauty of wood with the natural look of Havana oak décor. The recess panel with the forest motif brings nature inside.

Lacquered laminate, stone grey supermatt (341)

Shades of Grey are a wonderful colour foundation for modern and elegant kitchen designs. On the one hand, Grey reminds us of technology and urbanity, and on the other, it is the colour of stones and represents a connection to nature. Combined with the warm wood hues, it creates a cosy at-home feeling.

Modern Kitchen Küchentime 2019 Touch 341
Modern Kitchen Küchentime 2019 Flash 503
Lacquered laminate, alpine white high gloss (503)

Good design and exceptional convenience go hand in hand in this kitchen suggestion. The island solution is a real eye-catcher that shortens distances for prepping and cooking meals.

Stone grey slate reproduction (304)

Clear architecture in Stone grey slate. This StoneArt design supplements the trend toward large-sized stone décors with an exceptional natural look. The practical roll-up front units have integrated sockets so that small appliances are ready in one quick motion.

Modern Kitchen Küchentime 2019 StoneArt 304
Modern Kitchen Küchentime 2019 Inox 216
Lacquered laminate, brushed steel reproduction (216)

If you would like to take the professional look of your kitchen to the next level, then this front in Brushed steel décor is the perfect choice. The front contributes to the style-defining Stainless steel appearance and lends a touch of industrial chic to the kitchen. Keeping upright panels and plinth panels in the same décor makes for a seamless look.

Lacquered laminate, stone grey (772)

This casually arranged cottage kitchen impresses through the details that make a perfect kitchen what it is. For instance, with shorter working distances, an integrated seating area at the cooking island and plenty of storage in the XL base units.

Modern Kitchen Küchentime 2019 Cascada 772

End of series

  • Speed 271
  • Speed 260
  • Rio 374
  • Riva 896
  • Riva 894
  • Touch 335
  • Flash 501
  • Focus 472
  • Credo 766
  • Xeno 660
  • Xeno 670