Cevisama, Valencia 2017

Casa Interior News   •   February, 2017

After a fantastic week in Valencia, where we have seen lots of interesting useful things, we at Casa Interior, are now ready to share some of the cool things, that are already on the market.

A joy for the eye, and a pleasure for the mind.

Cevisama Bellaria Pure design from Falmec.
  • Bellaria Pure design from Falmec. Another new way to clean the air around you. At the office or in your home.

Cevisama Bellaria Pure design from Falmec.
  • Extractor from Falmec. Very efficient and beautiful design. Clean and simple.

  • Extractor from Falmec. A new interesting way of thinking. Innovation for your kitchen.

Cevisama porcelain sinks from Chambord
  • A selection of beautiful porcelain sinks from Chambord. Which one do you like best?

Cevisama refrigerator from SMEG.
  • Who couldn’t use at little color in life? Next time you need a new refrigerator, choose one from SMEG.

You can find Smeg appliances and much more following this link.

Make sure to keep an eye on the blog, as we will keep posting pictures from Cevisama 2017 in the near future.