Covid-19, our point of view

Casa Interior News   •   April, 2020

This has the potential to become a historic turning point!!!

I have grown up with “We are here to learn from life! That there is a reason we are here. And that we have a purpose for being here.
Some might say it is rubbish, while others will think it is a more spiritual approach to life. But especially during crises, it can be helpful to see it all from above and in a larger perspective. Because in all crises there are always a lesson or two to be learned. We can try to see this global crisis as educational and with a purpose.

We are all knocked out of our daily routines and are now completely out of breath and do not know where to go. And that is why we become uneasy and insecure, we become bored, lonelier, we are under pressure and frustrated by not knowing when this end.
BUT we are also being reminded of things we otherwise quickly forget. Like, no matter which culture, religion or Job we have, we can all become infected, whether you believe in one thing or the other, it doesn´t matter!

We have forgotten that everything is connected. Humans, animals and nature, when we pollute in one area, it affects another. And what happens in China will (literally) affect us in this part of the world.

We can no longer just think of ourselves, and honestly think that the wellbeing of other countries is of no concern, and doesn´t affect us. We are all connected.
We have forgotten how truly amazing our bodies are, and how to live in coexistence with it. To give it the right nutrition and some exercise, so our immune system can fight these illnesses and stand strong when they do strike. Instead we fill ourselves with prefabricated foods with an abundance of E-numbers, and become surprised about all the different lifestyle diseases we suddenly get.

We have forgotten that close relations are the most important and that nothing else matters when your loved ones are in the risk group, and will not survive if infected!

NOW is chance to tighten up our ego´s and Remember that, no matter how mighty a person, country, nation or continent with money, power and nuclear weapons you are! There will always come a tiny little virus thing, that can make the world STOP!

Finally, we have forgotten, that we all the time have the opportunity to choose, to either fear and fight each other or to cooperate, help and support each other and share the resources!

Whether this crisis becomes a historic downturn or a historic turning point, is yet to be seen, BUT I for one is cheering for the later.
Have a nice stay at home, stay safe and remember to respect each other.

Regards Team Casa Interior

Sarah Zobel
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Carsten Klinksgaard (English)
Nicolás Iribas Razquin (Spanish)

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