Cevisama part 2 – Extractors

Casa Interior News   •   April, 2017

More from our recent visit to expo in Valencia.

There are a lot of recent news and changes in kitchen extractors, and today we want to show you some of them.

Several countries have experienced new laws in regard to obligations to re-use exhaust air from the kitchen this year. For the purpose of this, the kitchen extractor manufacturer Falmec have fantastic extractors. They are cleaning all the air through a filter so that you will not loose the air that is already heated to room temperature. This is a great benefit for saving energy in winter, because you will not have to heat up new air. In summer your air conditioning will not have to cool down new air entering from outside, instead using same airconditioned air once again.

Our kitchen designers at Casa Interior like to keep an eye on good quality and quality design for the kitchens they create.

Check out this Falmec design extractor with filter included and no extraction tubes needed.


There are many different models of extractors, and we are sure one of the them will suite your needs. Below we show you some of the extractors that have surprised us.

Ilve is the Italian manufacturer that made these products.

Which one is your favorite?