Küchentime – A love of order


Küchentime - A love of order There is no way around the hall to get to the rest of the house. Even better if you can make this area a showcase for guests and get it well organised. TOUCH Lacquered laminate, slate grey supermatt (334) ENOUGH SPACE - Variability at its [...]

Küchentime – Moments of enjoyment


Küchentime - Moments of enjoyment Enjoy your food how and wherever you want. When cooking, eating and living merge seamlessly into one another, our furniture provides the ideal links between them. STRUCTURA Sierra oak reproduction (405) LIGHTNESS - Well-planned enjoyment! A dining area in which everything fits together perfectly thanks to [...]

Küchentime – Urban Cosiness


Küchentime - Urban Cosiness A style that looks both urban and homely at the same time, and in a relaxed way. Natural materials, soft shades and decorative green plants create the ideal environment for very contemporary system furniture in a high-quality wood appearance. On-trend theme: surfaces now appear emphatically pure and in natural sand tones. [...]

Küchentime – Living atmosphere


Küchentime - Living atmosphere Design your life according to your own ideas. Our intelligent and high-quality system furniture offers lots of freedom when it comes to materials, colours and dimensions. TOUCH Lacquered laminate, alpine white supermatt (332) MADE EASY - Light oak Sierra plus matt white fronts subtly create a special [...]

Küchentime Bathrooms 2021 – Warm Grove


Küchentime - Warm Grove It is not just the look but also the structure of wood that brings life and atmosphere to every bathroom. EASYTOUCHLacquered laminate, alpine white ultra matt (967)NATURALLY FRESH - Rich in contrasts yet exudes calm! The walnut appearance and alpine white surface with antifingerprint coating harmonises [...]

Küchentime Bathrooms


Küchentime Bathrooms designs with individuality and convenience A BATHROOM IS ALWAYS A SPECIAL ROOM. IT IS A PLACE OF RETREAT, AN OASIS OF WELL-BEING AND A VERY PERSONAL SPACE To help you make it your very own, we supply high-quality bathroom furniture that has been inspired by nature or current trends [...]

Küchentime Touch 341


Küchentime TOUCH 341 Elegant Grey Shades of Grey are a wonderful colour foundation for modern and elegant kitchen designs. On the one hand, Grey reminds us of technology and urbanity, and on the other, it is the colour of stones and represents a connection to nature. Combined with the warm wood [...]

Küchentime Touch 340


Küchentime TOUCH 340 Metallic glamour Ferro bronze takes its inspiration from the latest trend toward copper, bronze and rose gold, which has its origins in fashion, and now lends a touch of luxury to home interiors. The combination of Ferro bronze décor and refined, softmatt, black finishes gives the room a [...]

Küchentime Touch 338


Küchentime TOUCH 338 Very little space for a lot of kitchen This compact, functional kitchen is ideal for minimalists and first-time buyers. Timeless, due to its softmatt fronts in popular lacquered laminate. Ergonomic, with raised built-in oven. Easy care due to intelligent surface design. And with niche cladding boasting a digitally [...]

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