Arredo3 Cloe – Benidorm


Kitchen Arredo3 Cloe in Benidorm Arredo3 Pearl 753 Stainless Steel Granite White Pearl Renovating an old kitchen for a new one always makes us happy. In this case, our clients wanted a drastic change. They wanted to forget about the kitchen [...]

Arredo3 Cloe – Alfaz del Pi


Kitchen Arredo3 Cloe in Alfaz del Pi Arredo3 Pearl 753 Inox Silestone Coral Clay This cozy kitchen we made, it has been a challenge referring to the shape of the room. No straight walls, columns and small spaces to work in. But we [...]

Arredo3 Linea Plana


Arredo3 LINEA PLANA Arredo3 Linea Plana are two groove handle systems. Linea leaves the surface of the door unaltered because it is a hidden handle. Rational and essential, it fits in various component solutions, using tint as a decorative element. [...]

Arredo3 Giò


Arredo3 GIÒ Arredo3 Giò is characterized by wooden finishes doors only, which give it strength and value. Its wide range of finishes ranges from black to honey, chestnut to lacquered in white, ivory, light blue, red and yellow.Practicality is also ensured by [...]

Arredo3 Itaca


Arredo3 ITACA The lacquered door with ash frame is available in open pore lacquered finish and pickled finish in white, Carrara, clay, land and titanium through a combination of shades and materials that gives life to always elegant and never-expected combinations. The sophistication of the compositions [...]

Arredo3 Pentha


Arredo3 PENTHA Is made up of a variety of furnishing solutions that give it maximum versatility. This collection offers innovative combinations and finishes, with a continuous search for simple but functional solutions, where aesthetics is always aimed at the practical daily use. The keyword is [...]

Arredo3 Round


Arredo3 ROUND Completely inspired by nature, Arredo3 Round is the collection conceived for those who make the kitchen  an expressive, personal and open space. The pale colours of the finishes finely appeases the view without tiring it, while the touch is constantly stimulated by the [...]

Arredo3 Frame


Arredo3 FRAME Arredo3 Frame is characterized by its frame door, which finely interprets a fashionable contemporary taste, especially among the youngest. Matt PET and matt lacquered finishes combine with the warmth of the Brest or Lyon ash, giving Frame's modern design a more traditional warmth. [...]

Arredo3 Cloe


Arredo3 CLOE Re-invented with new finishes and new compositions, Cloe stands out for its versatility and unexpected combination of classic and modern elements. Vintage handles or ultra-modern grip profile handles find their place on base units and wall units. The presence of metal and [...]

Arredo3 Wega


Arredo3 WEGA Arredo3 Wega offers many solutions, through a play based on the combination between the essential aesthetics of plain colours, such as the two PET finishes, and the entire lacquered range and the alternation of wood. Clean lines, distinct shapes and handle integrated [...]