Modern Kitchens


Küchentime Touch 341

Küchentime TOUCH 341 Elegant Grey Shades of Grey are a wonderful colour foundation for modern and elegant kitchen designs. On the one hand, Grey reminds us of technology and urbanity, and [...]


Küchentime Riva 887

Küchentime RIVA 887 Natural elegance Modern architecture and natural-looking finishes harmonise perfectly in this design. The Black shelf support poles and handle profiles underscore the modern look and create exciting contrasts. [...]


Küchentime Lux 838

Küchentime LUX 838 In the midst of life Small kitchens in open-concept situations are challenging and require special planning considerations. With a trendy look, uncomplicated details and much welcome comfort/convenience, this [...]


Küchentime Laser 427

Küchentime LASER 427 Favourite colour White White continues to count among the most popular furnishing colours, because White is timelessly beautiful and it just feels good. White is unobtrusive, it makes [...]


Arredo3 Zetasei

Arredo3 ZETASEI Arredo3 Zetasei owes its name to the special lowered skirting board, only 6 cm high, unlike the 12 cm commonly used. [...]


Arredo3 Kalì

Arredo3 KALÌ Modern, extrovert, versatile and easily customised: thanks to the new integrated handle and the addition of 10 new [...]